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I love this thread so much, very enjoyable reading and here are my share though. It's not the best but probably among the weirdest so far.

Yesterday, on my alt run on the Black Talon. I'm a tank Powertech and we have another dps Powertech, dps Marauder and lastly the tank Juggernaut. Everything went smooth even without a healer, since everyone are well geared, and nearly reach level 15. We use a gear from cartel pack with a mix of blue/green items.

After the first choice on this flashpoint which we chose to spare the captain, and after we went down from the elevator, killing a group of mobs along the way. I noticed our dps Powertech has slow down, and start to running to the other way. When we reach the first boss (Sergeant Boran, and his squad), he went ahead attacking a group of mobs near the boss. We go after him but before we could finish this group then heals ourselves before the boss, he'd pull the boss immediately, making this run a lot harder with most of us losing half of health point already, as for our dps Powertech he ran away to pull the other group of mobs near the exit elevator.

Despite the odds we survived, and I begin to ask him a few question.

Me: What are you doing, man?
Tank Jugg: Dude
Tank Jugg: He doesn't have the game
Me: Why did you pull the boss then run away. We are not even ready yet?
Tank Jugg: he's playing on my m8's account, m8's computer and doesn't play MMO.
Tank Jugg: pls back off
Me: *thinking* I was just point out that he shouldn't do that, it's almost get us all killed, no need to get defensive here. What did I do??!

We managed to process after our little incident, me and our dps Marauder began to ignore those two completly, and there are no one's dying except our dps Powertech being slowed down to follow but be the first to run ahead and pull elite mobs sometimes. It happens again on the second boss (Commander Ghulil), after we finish the first elite droid, clear a few mobs and pull the boss the dps Powertech process and pull another elite droid we ignore.

Tank Jugg: Who hit the droid?
Me: *point to our dps Powertech*

After the slightly harder fight on second boss

Tank Jugg: 1 sec, lemme talk to the guy irl
Me: *thinking* ...!!! I'm just going to assume that you two play on a different computer, and perhaps in different room how did you two coordinate each other is beyond me. And why would that guy playing if he's not ready. *sigh*
Tank Jugg: back, told him DON'T SHOOT UNLESS WE HIT IT

We finally manage to finish the flashpoint. I bid my group farewell, and even though bear no ill will towards those two, tank Juggernault and dps Powertech. I have to put them on my ignore list, a group like this are too chaotic for me.