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10.13.2013 , 07:11 PM | #1022
heh, I think I was that weird person from groupfinder last night.

running a HM-FP (forget which one) with mah 52 Jugg tank. merrily whacking away, letting off taunts and generally trying in my n00besque fashion to do what good tanks do.

finish whacking down the last turret in one pull turned around and discovered the rest of the group had gotten themselves wiped.

i hadn't even noticed. I'd wound up taking out ~50% of the pull solo.

then there was a rather squishy marauder on a different run who kept running off and pulling groups. after the second time i'd saved his backside, I decided the next time he goes off to play tank, i'll let him play tank.

he wasn't very happy when he died, but at least he left the tanking to me for teh rest of the run.