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10.13.2013 , 05:19 PM | #1020
This happened when i was playing on my vanguard dps. I got a group for Taral V SM. The "tank" was also a vanguard, and he was also in dps spec, with dps gear and dps ammo cell. On the first boss, the one with the 2 cats, he died on like 2 hits from the boss. We all died like 3-4 times and then he starts whining that "the healer sux and that the healer should only heal him better". We kindly told him that if he's going to tank he should have tank gear, tank stance and tank spec, to which he replied: "i only need heals!"...
Okay we thought and tried again, and now we also notice he only uses hammershot and completly ignores to taunt the cats, which of course attacks the healer. We point this out and again he replies: "I only need heals!" it took about 2 more deaths, then he declares that we are idiots and leaves. Waiting for a tank in gf isn't fun, but we were lucky and got one almost at once. But the horror didnt stop there. At least not for me.

So we clear the first boss, cause the new tank, a guardian, knows what hes doing. And the boss drops a heavy armor aim gear, and i think "sweet!" cause its an upgrade for me. Then the healer, a sage, needs on it and immidiatly after he wins the roll he dc's. I understand you can't really control a dc, but it did seem suspicious and we waited about 10 mins for him to come back. He didnt.