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10.13.2013 , 02:17 PM | #1016
Hammer Station HM, just doing pug run for daily reward. First few pulls I notice I loose aggro to a DPS asassin on my jugg. Very strange, as ususally it's hard to steal aggro from a single mob. I examine such DPS, and she has dark ward on her.

I thought she forgot about it, so tell her politely, to change into DPS stance. Then another pull, and the same. Okay, agression level rising, I ask her again to change dark ward. She replies: "I hate lightning stance, I won't change it". As the other PUG members saw no problems with her attitude, I realised, it's high time for me to go, so said goodbye and left the party.

Other story will be of me - Came back after 2 months, and LFG gave me the new Czerka stuff. I read the guide on Dulfy, but told people I'm doing it first time. They explained again the tactics, but, as "practice trumps theory", I was too slow with sandstorm boss and dragging him to boxes, and before I got the feeling of FP, it cost us about 4 wipes.

Luckily none of the folks left, and they just said, that I had to learn it. Still, I feel I owe tchem apology here for those wipes.