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Got in a pug EV HM last night. We get to Gharj. The ops leader states not to skip him because a guildie actually needed gear, which is fine, so we kill it. Except one dps decided to cross the lava anyway, and just sit there the whole time. After we beat the boss and we're heading to the pylons, he starts complaining about how there's no reason to kill that boss because there's no guarantee the guy would get loot. Duh? So we get to the pylons, and we notice that guy is still just standing in the same spot. 5 min later he finally says "coming". Ops leader tells him to go south. No response. a couple min later he finally goes says "jeez I am just tabbing out because you guys take so long". Op leader says "we're taking so long because we're waiting for you!" He still doesn't go south, so someone else does.

Fast forward to Soa. The tank goofs and force speeds off a ledge so he tells everyone to /stuck. We get back in, and we notice that same dps is still sitting on the fleet. We call him out and wait with no response. Finally we just pull and kill the boss. After exiting the area, the guy is still just sitting outside the instance.

What do you think, drunk? High? Just bored, lazy and apathetic? Narcoleptic?
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