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10.13.2013 , 08:40 AM | #1014
I almost feel left out. I've primarily only had good experiences with the Group Finder. There was one time, though........

False Emperor Hardmode Flashpoint. I queued, got a group after twenty minutes (I'm a DPS, you see :/) and things went fairly uneventfully. Then we got to the first boss, the Trandoshan. The Tank decided to let the boss repeatedly hit the Healer (not sure why) with that spinning attack. Healer died, and we followed soon after. The Tank complained we were "the worst team ever" and continued whining until we kicked him and I got a Tank from my then-current Guild to help out. Since then, nothing too terrible, though. I feel for some of you guys, sounds like there are a lot of lousy groups flying around out there....
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