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Yeah, I've been playing since launch and never saw that strategy either.
First time I was on Colicoid War Games, a few months after launch, was on my healer. I had read a guide that detailed both strategies. I tried staying in my turret and we wiped. Someone on the group said "Healer gotta heal ", so next try I stayed down and healed everyone, and we passed it with no problem. So I was under the impression that it was the good strategy.

Fortunately, when I got back there on my tank I had read this thread already so I knew things had changed.

Weid people story: I'm leveling an Immortal Jugg. Join GF for Hammer Station. Couple Merc DPS, a Sorc healer a bit higher level than the rest. I swear, the "healer" seemed like a parody of this tread. He didn't heal at all; he pulled on all fights, including bosses; he immediately came up to the boss to swing his saber, only using lightning every once in a while - oh, and Overload, so he would push mobs away from me, which is particularly aggravating as a Jugg; he only tried to heal himself when he was almost dead, or healed us out of combat when we revived after a wipe. Ok, so he's new to the game and doesn't know a lot about it, no problem, we'll try to tell him what he should do, in the nicest possible terms... Useless. He didn't say anything, or gave any indication that he was reading the chat. He probably didn't know a lot of English, but if he saw his name in the chat he could have at least said "sorry no English", right? Not even that.

Edit - forgot to mention he needed on everything that dropped.

Miraculously we got through the first two bosses, but the last one was impossible. We kicked him, things weren't terribly smooth afterwards, but we managed to beat the FP.

Another interesting situation a few weeks ago. Battle of Ilum SM. We are killing everything no problem. Second to last boss, a nice Cunning piece drops, both the Gunslinger and the Scoundrel healer need for it, Scoundrel wins. Fair and square, right? So, GS starts to say, in very broken English, that he shouldn't have needed because he's already wearing a better piece, and that he's a ninja and an ******e, and to give it back. The other DPS, from the same guild, backs him up in equally aggressive and badly written terms. Healer answers that it is very debatable, but he would be OK with giving away the gear if asked nicely; even now that he's been insulted, he will give it if they apologize and ask nice. But no, they insist "you ninja ******e, you give gear". It was like they were droids or aliens that had read somewhere on the Net that the proper way to react when you lose a roll is to insult the winner and call him ninja. There was no getting them off their horse. This went on for a while, until they realized that if we left, they would have a way longer time waiting in the queue than us, so they better shut it and played ball. It worries me so much that bad form is catching.