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This thread is awesome, even im comparison to its German clone

I'm leveling a PT tank atm and got into a Mandalorian Raiders SM run. Note that I was lvl 30 at this point of time, had 9k hp and knew the FP very well. Rest of the group were a lvl 23 operative healer, a lvl 25 marauder and a lvl 25 assassin.
FP opens up and I inspect the others. Healer was well geared for his level, dds were not. Marauder going a mix of cunning and strength with two pieces of willpower, assassin still had pieces of Korriban gear. I tell the heal and get a "well.." in response. I order to myself to carry on because I do need the daily for lvl 31.
Pulling is a little adventure, because sin and mara are taunting/jumping everything and do chainpulls. First boss was relativly easy because the sin just tried to taunt the dogs and ignored the main boss, heal is really busy. After the boss I initiate a vote-kick on the mara because he tried to ninja a piece of cunning. Mara gets booted and starts to insult me and the healer in /w. Replacement for the mara is a lvl 30 PT. we proceed and eventually get to the second boss. We vote-kicked the sin on the way because he simply was annoying as hell, telling the healer how bad he is (he wasn't, was one of the best low-lvl healers I have seen lately) and telling me that I do not know how to tank, not to forget how bad my gear is. We got a well geared and well skilled sniper in place.
Standing right before the republic boarding party I had to go afk for something like ten seconds or so. When I come back, PT dd lies face down, sniper is nearly dead and operative runs for his life. I tried to save what I could but died. PT insults everyone with very bad German words and leaves. Operative tells me that the PT pulled but that we can at least save time because wo do not need a vote-kick anymore. We shake heads and I get out lovely Mako as some healing support for the operative. Rest of the FP went smoothly and everyone left had some good laughs and a newly filled igno list.

EDIT: Please excuse any language or grammar mistakes, English is not my first language, you can still guess, what my first language is
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