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Running HM Athiss with a Pug group. Myself, a mara, in set bonused 72's and 78's, another mara in 72's with a 78 chest no set bonus, then a sorc healer with 27k, and a PT Tank with 32k (zero set pieces). Anyways, he decides that he doesnt need to guard anyone and we get to the first boss. I end up tanking the boss and the other mara kills the adds. Figured ok, maybe he's a new tank that has no clue whats going on. 2nd boss, I tank as well and the other mara goes rage spec and takes care of adds, the PT taunts and then immediately threat drops every time...and the final boss he does the exact same thing...anyways, not even hard to tank HM Athiss.
LOL! That reminds me of a group I just did ... PT Tank not guarding or taunting .... Srsly, too bad you can't tell me who it was and see if it was the same guy!
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