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Muuuuuuch later I find out it used to be the regular strat to shoot across the inner circle to hit more mobs with one blast and that's probably what the other two were doing and why they were dying first and why the mobs were attacking from behind me. I'm still just amazed that they could spend paragraphs wondering just exactly how stupid I was and not figure out how to tell me to turn around. Or the healer, who shot at stuff in front of him like I did. I really, really should have complained to their guild leader, but instead I put them on ignore on every character.
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I've run this FP on almost every character I've leveled, and never seen anyone use this strat. Weird O.o
Yup first time I've heard of it too, I probably wipe if the group does that. The FP is too easy as it is, why the need of these strange strats?
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