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A couple days ago I group up with a guildmate I don't know well (so "met in groupfinder" still applies) to run a quick HM for the weekly, since we all need comms like whoa et all. I'm healing on my pretty decently geared scoundrel (72's with a couple of 78 pieces) with whom I've been running the new ops in HM, so I'm usually overgeared for HM FPs. Guildmate is tanking and has over 40k health with Kell Dragon + gear that is very well balanced for mitigation. We get HM Czerka Core Meltdown and charge off very quickly. The DPS admirably keep up - things just melt and I'm barely healing.

Then we get to Duneclaw / Sandstorm boss. Guildmate jumps in and starts tanking. I throw down a FF and heal. Then the Sandstorm is activated, where the tank normally has to drag the boss over to the green thingy (...thing). Guildmate just keeps him in the middle. DPS calls on him to move in chat, which neither of us notice until halfway through, because after healing dread master ops-wide damage all week, I am pumped and primed and have barely been healing this whole FP (like I said, guildmate is a good, well geared tank). So we survive several sandstorms (boss is about at 50% by this point) before the tank moves the boss around and we kill the boss with most everyone with just over 10% health left.

Tank says something like: "Oops, I've only ever done SM."

I say: "I thought you did that on purpose b/c you thought I was bored!", which is what I honestly thought was going on. And then I laughed for just about the rest of the FP.

The DPS must think we were crazy.

I think my worst GF experience was a while back on my sentinel, who I quickly leveled up and now just use to craft stims b/c I never quite got the hang of the class. It was in Collicoid War Games. Everyone "hello"s, heads to the turrets, clicks in, and gets ready for the mobs to spawn. I had never really done Collicoid until after GF was implemented, but I had done it at least 3 times on said sentinel before this, so I knew I was supposed to shoot all the mobs that came at me and the turret would heal me. So that's what I did. Evidently something else was going on with the rest of the group, because mobs swarmed us and slowly killed the group, even though I did turn around on my turret and try to kill the mobs attacking me from behind.

We rez and try again. Same thing happens, except the other sentinel and the tank/her guildmate both start yelling at me that I was a noob, etc, and had wiped them. I said that I'd shot and killed everything that spawned in front of me and they laughed at that and berated me some more for firing on the group. I was pretty certain friendly fire wasn't even possible, but by that point they were clicking on the turrets, so time to mount up and try again. The same thing happens and I notice the healer has gotten out of his turret to try to heal, so I try to cover the area in front of him. Because of the FPS aspect from the turret I still don't know exactly what happened, except I shot everything in front of me and mobs from behind me killed us all. The two guildmates berate me then quit the group, while I am genuinely confused and when I ask what exactly I was doing wrong they act incredulous that I could be "so stupid" and not just trolling them. IDK. I apologize to the healer, since I guess I messed up in some obvious, dumb way. He says he has no idea what they were talking about, but he got out of his turret to heal, so it's not terribly reassuring.

Muuuuuuch later I find out it used to be the regular strat to shoot across the inner circle to hit more mobs with one blast and that's probably what the other two were doing and why they were dying first and why the mobs were attacking from behind me. I'm still just amazed that they could spend paragraphs wondering just exactly how stupid I was and not figure out how to tell me to turn around. Or the healer, who shot at stuff in front of him like I did. I really, really should have complained to their guild leader, but instead I put them on ignore on every character.
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