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Hey folks,

I just want to add a little bit of clarity and to reiterate what happened with the dyes on the Cartel Market. I know there is some thought that we have some sinister intent here, or that we just pulled the dyes out of reaction to some of the negative reaction around price, the truth is simple, I messed up.

We could have done a better job of messaging around that timeliness in the patch notes and we never actually made any posts following up to that to let folks know it was temporary in the forums. In both cases, the blame falls on me. Although we wont always message everything that changes on the CM all the time (sales, etc.). I will make it a point to make sure we are as crystal clear as possible about new items, or sales around limited time/availability items.

What I can say is that the dyes will be returning the CM in the future (I don't have timing right now) and when they do they will return at the same price you saw them at this past weekend. I will make sure you guys know they are coming when they do return!

Thank you again for your patience and I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion I caused!

Well to be honest it takes quite a lot for me to get annoyed at the swtor devs, but for the first time I'm annoyed. This isn't messing up. This is negligence. You don't put an item on the market and then just "forget" to mention it's temporary. So how long are we supposed to wait until those dyes come back? Is it like the mythical future in which the best event imho, the rakghoul event will return? Or is it the mythical time when the shipment one cartel packs will return? Or the mythical time when the pets currently only available for f2p will become available for subscribers?