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# 1...this is far from the only way to get to your next location, you can take a shuttle directly to Coruscant without taking the Essles. is doable with 2 people on level, as has been stated by many of the replies above you, however, you have to work hard at it to get it done with two people. Most people will just roll through it with 4, and have no problems, but it is able to be done with 2.

#3....if you are having morale problems after being defeated in an instance....really? I'm sorry...things like that do nothing more than pump me up and make me come back for more. Take it as a challange that you want to take him down even harder, not just look at the screen and sigh in defeat. I'm not sure how many times I went back at later levels back in the EQ days and killed Kizden Gix and that damn Griffin in the newbie areas... just get revenge for your deaths when you can, and plan your strategy a bit better this time.

tl/dr .... It's doable with 2 people, it take strategy and patience, but it can be done.
I understand that it's not the only way to travel to next location (although dialog gives a false impression). I understand that you believe it is doable at level with two people. I understand that you believe I'm playing the game wrong. I can assure you, I look at things with patience and understanding. I believe I'm a fairly experienced player with good perception of game mechanics. With that I can recognize when something is just beyond what our two characters can do, regardless of strategy. When the game is geared in a way that is not balanced, it frustrates me because there is no option but to get more people or do it later. That is what I saw in Esseles.

Since not everyone is able to do it at level with two people (as stated by others in this thread) it means the instance needs re balance or different description. It's the first instance for gods sake, not some end game raid. Experienced players should not be struggling with it when following Bioware's own guidelines.

tl/dr... you think I'm doing it wrong. I disagree.