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I'm actually surprised this hasn't happened already. I expected a "KOTOR Legendary edition" to be released by now. With both KOTOR 1 & 2, a graphics boost (like they did God of War chains of Olympus), New content that fills in the gaps on pt2, achievements, etc.

They gotta know this would sell more than GTA 5 did..
I would buy the hell outta that, make it like they did with the Devil May Cry special edition for 360 with the first 3 games on it, much better graphics, achievements, I would actually play my 360 again. Maybe include some things like what happened to Carth, Bastilla, and Jolee. The only thing I hated was the way the Jedi robes looked in KotOR I and how damn impossible it was to get a cyan crystal in KotOR II.
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