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I agree, we ran hammerstation last night, and I cant even tell you what the hell we were doing there. Just felt like I was running through a dungeon in any other game, though the final boss battle was very tough and well thought out. Granted having a very weak player made it worse, it was still a nice surprise for such an early instance. I guess had the idiot jedi not been rushing from spot to spot like this was a damn random dungeon finder mission in wow, it could of been better, but I miss the dialouge. Me and my buddy on skype were laughing are asses off at the stuff our characters were saying in the first one.

Oh well, as long as the latter ones get better, Ill look past it. At least the encounters themselves are more than just basic tank and spanks.
yep, you're echoing my exact feelings.. not a clue what hammerstation was about.