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OK...I still don't get Bioware involved in this event in any way or is this just a shout out by Bioware to him? I believe he's good...just trying to figure out where the Developers come into play?
Hey TUXs, it's identical to the "Galactic Guild Battle" promotion they did while Arenas were on the PTS with Only difference is this time instead of having a 4 v 4 team I will be solo queuing. I won't be streaming on my channel, rather, I have been invited to the twitch channel ( to sit down and talk about solo ranked que (while playing a few rounds of course) with a few of the BW guys and the MMORPG host.

A majority of my time in PvP has been in solo ques since I like the challenge it presents. It forces me to find every fault with my play style and fix it. That being said, I'm a huge supporter of ranked PvP team play and love playing on ranked teams when time permits.

Here are the two previous shows on MMORPG with the 4 v 4 ranked teams:
Consular - 65 Shadow | Commando - 65 Commando | Agent - 65 Sniper
Smuggler - 65 Scoundrel | Vanguard - 65 Vanguard | Powertech - 65 Powertech
Sorcerer - 65 Sorcerer | Absorb - 65 Guardian | Chancellor - 65 Sage

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