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TLDR: People continue to be blind and stupid

I was playing as an Operative on the Foundry.

Our healer, Sorcerer, is the jerk in question here.

The tank went forward on the first group of mobs to initialise combat: I went in after. As I always do, I started firing my blaster as I closed in so I was dealing some damage before using Shiv/Debilitate/Corrosive Grenade/Backstab.

The Sorcerer instantly stops healing as I enter combat. He types into chat "*** do you THINK YOU ARE DOING? Do u not understand mmos???" "stop using snipe, use ur close range you moron" "are you deaf as well as stupid?? ur close range, not ranged ffs"

Note this is all against ONE group of mobs.

Once we're done, I reply something along the lines of "I dunno what you mean, I'm playing my class fine." One other groupie was silent, trying to move on with the FP (as I wanted to), the other sent a message agreeing with me.

The Sorc's reply was, more or less, "Ur a stupid moron, you dont no how to play and u dont derserve my heal, HAVE FUN TRYING TO GET A BETTER HEALER GUYS HAHA LOL"

Then he left.

This naturally pisses me off for two reasons:

1) Two guys who, according to him, hadn't done anything, were let down and unable to play (we didnt find a replacement)

2) I was playing my class correctly, unless standard blaster attack accounts for "not playing the class correctly" and "snipe".

But yes... the colourful people you meet in group finder, none the less.

The other, more amusing, person I met in Group Finder was a level 18 Inquisitor. He hadn't picked his advanced class, and was complaining to the rest of the group that he shouldn't be dying all the time and the game sucked.
The first response from the rest of the group was "Hold on guys... let's see if he can figure it out."

And we did.
I can't wait until that Sorcerer gets to 55 ... He will have a hard time in HM FP's if he keeps up attitude, because as far as I know, NO tanks will put up with his ********. Also, you can play your class however you like, I use the standard attack sometimes on my healer to save force and have fun. That Sorc needs to calm down and realize it is a game, ffs. LOL!
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