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10.10.2013 , 08:16 AM | #1001
Hmmm ... in my last 4 GF pops, we were put at the top of the GF queue because one DPS didn't respond to the pop. I would have thought that they would be on it immediately since DPSes wait a long time to get a pop. Or perhaps they are used to waiting a long time that they are AFK most of the time.

Anyway, got Athiss HM again tonight. Alarm bells should have started ringing when the tank had much less HP than the healer (me). Anyway, I managed to keep people alive even though the group is taking a lot of damage because the tank can't hold aggro. OK, except once when the tank jumped in at 70% health and pretty much got one shotted.

We made it all the way to the Prophet when the tank disconnects. So we wait for a bit before vote kicking the tank. One of the DPSes then said that the tank was geared in DPS gear, not tank gear! Doh. We then tried using a tank comp for the fight but wiped. When we finally got a proper tank we cleared the Prophet without any problems.

I'm quite inexperienced with MMORPGs so this is the first time I have seen a DPS queued as a tank. Still, the rest of the group managed to finish the FP and the DPSes thanked me for good heals. Always nice to get compliments.