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Quote: Originally Posted by Ancaglon View Post
You could have vote-kicked him in that circumstance -- instead you say you let him get a free pass.

The second story is pretty much the same.

A swift vote-to-kick and ignore is the appropriate response in both cases, if it happened the way you describe. A clueless dps is pretty easy to replace; even if you use a DPS companion while you wait for a pop, it will work just fine for trash, and even for many FP bosses.
Hi Ancaglon,

You may very well be correct in vote-kicking and ignoring him, but the way that I look at it - I lost 15 minutes which I utilised to run some quick dailies and was back into it straight away. the Knight on the other hand was condemned to the frustration that is DPS GF queue

The Commando did push my buttons, but as I mentioned - I couldn't be bothered to get angry or rage about it (you can't have a good sleep if you're angry). I do appreciate the fact that situations like these provide an endless source of laughs and good memories as I myself have been the instigator of many a "how dumb are you?!" stories (force leap to a target I just force pushed off a ledge, stealth CC target and then start attacking said target, hard casting mind crush in the middle of an a tank)

My apologies for digressing from the original point of this thread