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hope he's playing a shadow. Balance Spec.

Then do infil spec. And tell me maul needs the buff its getting.
I don't really agree with the maul buff without knowing any details on why it is being done. I think there are other routes they could of gone to increase DPS without buffing one of the highest single target damaging attacks out there.

I used to play Balance approx a year ago (was fun with the 150 force build and DoT spamming) but I will actually be queuing in full on tank spec as I have played that a majority of my time in SWTOR. While Shadow tanking is not the optimal tank for arena matches I want to show that in solo que you are able to still be competitive. Personally, I love the utility shadow tanks provide, but I will be the first to admit I would take a guardian/jugg as my tank on a 4 v 4 team over a shadow.
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