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Always met interesting people in 55HM GF queue's ..last night i took a guildie through Athiss 55, i am a combat medic, he is a gunnery commando, we get paired with two jedi, the tank looks at out gear and says "i feel a wipe coming on" , he has fully decked out ultimate for the most part, i had all the mission gear from Oricon, plus a few decent items from a couple other 55 HM's, the guildie mate of mine just pure 156 gear he bought from the cartel market. He kept on yelling at me "to get better gear" even though i kept everyone alive and always at max health, but yet, i was in the wrong some how for having under geared gear even though i kept everyone alive.. i really do not understand some people.
I wouldn't worry about it. About to have a senior moment but back when I used to play WoW and gearscore became a big deal with the drooling masses, people were getting all kinds of insults thrown at them and getting kicked out of groups for now having a high enough gear score.

I once had a prot and ret paladin tell me that my ret paladin wasn't geared enough for the 5 man trial of the crusade instances. I had a guild member with me that was running a damage meter. Lets just say I was coming in second behind my guild mate in damage done, despite having worse gear than the other geared paladin dps.

All I did to achieve my higher damage was use seal of command (cleave damage) on a few of the three mob pulls. Just a simple thing like knowing my abilities allowed me to deal more damage than someone in better gear. Amazing how that works.

The point being, Skill > Gear. Gear makes your job easier but skill can make up for a lack of gear.

Oh and for the earlier comment about people using their guild tag as a defense for being stupid. In my little bit of history I just provided I was at the time an officer for the top guild on that server. I never once mentioned that as a defense or means to imply that I was better than anyone in the group. I just played my class intelligently.

Anyone who tries to use their guild tag as an excuse to make their stupid behavior acceptable is a childish scrub.