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Hey Doc,
u did a great job with providing this wonderful tool to the community! My whole guild has recently switched from torparse to parsec because of ist superiority in Terms of stability, Performance and professional Features like filtering Options!
Here Comes some Feedback:

a) Currenty the raid dmg popout list is sorted by DPS. I think it should be sorted by DMG done, we often had some weird results like

RANK/Player Name DMG done DPS
#1 PlayerA 100.000 3200
#2 PlayerB 122.000 2800
#3 PlayerC 95.000 2600

In this case playerB should be leading, not playerA

b) Will there be those fancy bars to visualize the relative dmg done like torparse did?

Sorry for my english, im no native Speaker and quite lazy when it Comes to thinking about formulations in foreign languages
Its funny you mention the sort order. I have asked this of my raid group's DPS on many occasions and always get a different answer. It really boils down to what people expect and unfortunately what people expect often changes based on the context. If you are the person who died half way through a long fight and was revived, if it was sorted by total damage you would be stuck at the bottom of the pile indefinitely. I came to the conclusion that during combat it was better to see damage sorted by dps because it is more dynamic. However, after a fight it was better to sort by total damage to see how you did.

All that said, I do have some enhancements to the pop puts on my list but they most likely aren't coming soon(tm).
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