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10.09.2013 , 09:36 AM | #987
Always met interesting people in 55HM GF queue's ..last night i took a guildie through Athiss 55, i am a combat medic, he is a gunnery commando, we get paired with two jedi, the tank looks at out gear and says "i feel a wipe coming on" , he has fully decked out ultimate for the most part, i had all the mission gear from Oricon, plus a few decent items from a couple other 55 HM's, the guildie mate of mine just pure 156 gear he bought from the cartel market. He kept on yelling at me "to get better gear" even though i kept everyone alive and always at max health, but yet, i was in the wrong some how for having under geared gear even though i kept everyone alive.. i really do not understand some people.