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10.08.2013 , 10:46 PM | #983
Two experience from last night (I'm Australian) while completing the HMFP Weekly that left me absolutely stunned and lost for words-

1. Queue up for for 55HMFP with 2 guildies (damage and healer) with me tanking on my shadow - get a pop for one of the Czerka HMFPs in 10 seconds. after we load in, I noticed the other DPS was a lvl 55 Jedi Knight (That's right - a knight, no advanced class). Upon inspection, I realized with alarm the fellow had full Willpower Tanking gear and no Form activated. Absolutely nothing in his Conservator set or his MH or OH had strength . I asked why he has no advanced class and why he's got Shadow tanking mods on. The reply I got - "I can whip your scrawny A** with one hand tied behind my back, do your job and keep quiet." I was too tired to even take offense to that so I wished him luck in the GF queue and left with my guildies following me, accepting the 15 min lockout.

2. We queue for final HMFP with switched roles (I'm DPS this time) and get a pop for Mando Raiders. We get a Commando DPS who asked if he could Tank instead. The tank mentions that Commandos can't tank Vanguards can, he replies, "Watch and learn Noob!" Charges in in true Leeroy Jenkins fashion even before we have a chance to react. We're on TS wondering if this guy is for real as he valiantly engages the trash that spawn from elevator (cycling hammer shot) before the first entry door and then rushes in and sets off the mobs inside the entry door. While the tank tries to take aggro off him - Commando runs off and sets both the elite droids and adds. The healer is relatively new to healing (first sage toon) and starts to panic while the actual tank burnt all his CDs tanking 2 Elite droids, 2 dogs and the whole host of trash and trying to burn the dogs, and droids and Adds. Commando promptly goes down followed by the rest of us, cursing the healer for not maintaining the defensive buffs (all of us wondering what defensive buffs is he talking about) on him and shouts at the tank for taking Aggro off him. After we revive, we calmly mention that he is a DPS class, not a Tanking class. In reply he pops his "Founder" title and goes - "See this? Means I've been playing this game longer than you noobs. Vanguards can't tank for s**t." Realizing 1am in the morning is not an ideal time for having an in-depth argument about his fallacious and insulting attitude I wish him luck (read- Flipping the bird at him) and proceed to log off. just before porting out of the HMFP, I mention to him if he really wants to tank, he should really switch to Combat Support Cell