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Unfortunately, they are still not identicle. Damage done, APM, healing recieved, etc is different. As well as fight time I believe.
Yes some of the other numbers are slightly different. This difference is explained by how PARSEC deals with the combat end event. Because of the out of order logging that occurs with the combat end event each parser has a different approach to combat end. PARSEC opens a 1 second window after a combat end event in order to pick up any out of order combat events. Obviously this skews the numbers by 1 second.

So after reviewing your data I have decided to make two changes to PARSEC:

1) Combat end events will be handled the same way but calculations based on time will now use the last combat end event time instead of including the floating combat window.

2) Damage taken will now automatically include absorbed damage. I believe this will normalize the damage taken between fights since it will no longer be variable based on absorb shields effects applied to you.

After both of these changes were made the numbers line up with TorParse except for some rounded decimal place differences.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback and you should see these changes make it into the next release of PARSEC this week.
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