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So I decided to use parsec tonight. While I found the tanking information quite nice; I have found some pretty large discrepancies between parsec and torparse. Not only DTPS but DPS and APM.

I am submitting the log here for your inspection, along with the Torparse link.

Edit: Upon further inspection, almost no information from the two fights are the same. While I can confirm they are the same fight. One of them reads horribly inaccurate, the question is which. If there is more information I can give, I would be happy to. PM would probably be the best way to contact me.
Actually, they are identical. The difference you are seeing is that TorParse's damage taken calculations include absorbed damage. If you add the Abs and total column from PARSEC you get 303614 which is the same as TorParse's numbers. This difference in calculation affects all of the damage taken numbers.

Now which is right? I dunno. As a tank myself I can see the value in both calculations. I will think about it some more. And if you have any feelings about it, share them and convince me to change it
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