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Speaking of kill order, reminds me of a funny story.

A couple of my guildies were running a 55 HM several months ago, one tanking and the other healing, and they ended up with two dps from a very well known hard-core progression raiding guild. At some point in the instance, they had wiped a couple of times on trash pull because the dps kept attacking the elite first, leaving all the strongs and weak mobs to turn on the healer. The tank asked the two dps to kill the weak mobs first. Their response: "hey man, look at the guild tag before telling us what to do".

We still like to use that line every now and then as a joke, funny stuff.
True the dps were doing it wrong but you have to wonder what the tank was doing as well, they should at least be building enough aggro on the whole pack to prevent the healer pulling.