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Unfortunately, the log files have some limitations when it comes to damage types and attack types. First, log files do not specify ranged/melee vs force/tech. Second, if an attack is avoided its damage type is not reported in the log. These limitations along with the complexity of the mitigation rules make it impossible to accurately display mitigation in seperate buckets.

With this in mind, i designed parsec to display total mitigation rates like this:

Avoided attacks / all attacks
Shielded attacks / all attacks

As a tank myself i find these statistics usefull in determining my performance and gear effectiveness even though they are not ideal.

It is possible to build a database of attacks and their attack type based on mitigation results over time, but this is more work than it is worth since it would be useless on new content.
I feel like a database of attack types would be so useful to be worth it. You could have the database automatically, provisionally classify attacks based on circumstantial evidence (if you see it dodged it is M/R, if shielded it is M/R or K/E, if resisted it is F/T, etc.) and then let some of the other number crunchers post more authoritative classifications that get marked in the database as confirmed.