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Getting back to the web development side of things..

We are preparing to release an option to allow anyone to link logs to a certain guild using an online form. Once the form is submitted, we generate data about the raid that was linked and we post a guild raid overview that can be viewed by simply clicking on a guild name in a search. We are only posting statistics on a KILL - wipes will not be displayed.

For example, if I submit this parse for The Army of Light's HM DF run,, this is what would happen -

I fill out the form - directed to a splash page saying statistics will be generated within 24 hours - That form you submitted and queue to be "dug upon" by server side scripting, where it looks at the boss kills on the left, determines if it was a kill/wipe, player names, DPS/eHPS(HPS), and soon if it were a HM, SM, or NiM boss (this later portion would require manual browsing to determine the level of difficulty). Once it is determined that it was a Kill, it was an operation's boss, and that the parse does indeed belong to the guild that it should be with. general statistics are generated, including graphs, player ranks, and more.

It is a complicated process but it is something that I think will be an added bonus to submitted a guild to us, as well as using us to search for a guild!

More info to come, including a release date, soon!
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