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It is something I've thought about and something I would like to fairly apply. Fairly is the operative word though. If I can think of a way to make this happen and be able to ensure that cheating isn't happening, you can expect this change to happen. The only thing I can think of currently is to force people to submit recordings of the parse but I already think I'm asking too much already with the AMR profiles (they do take some time to build). Otherwise, my time is already often spent doing arbitrary parse verifying.

The reason why I won't create another honorable mentions sort of post is simply because I don't like having to juggle too many posts for the same thread. I could be convinced otherwise but currently, meh.

Pitch me some ideas on how to present it and regulate it, and if I like one enough I'll certainly incorporate it into the thread.
Just curious, assuming you did incorporate armor debuffs in some way, how would someone cheat in a way they already cannot?

As for being fair, just adding an armor debuff will never be totally fair to the classes with executes and damage bonuses below 30%, but at least it would be some type of damage increase for them to have an armor debuff. My main concern currently is the gap in dps for a lot of specs (relating to this thread, obviously most people know that certain classes perform better in an actual pve fight, but it is nice to have a visual comparison of them nonetheless).

I realize that some classes will still be behind others, but this would allow for less of an overall gap, which is never a bad thing in a competitive type thread like this.
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