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10.07.2013 , 02:51 PM | #970
I just had a frustrating Sm run on Esseles. We have full group? One commando and jedi sentinel as dps with jedi guardian as playing healer with scoundrel. We start off fine ,but I can't help but notice that dps jedi is pulling ahead of tank and taking aggro. I resigned myself to healing hi often because this the first flashpoint. On the way to fight the mandalorian Ironfist, the tank call out the jedi about pulling ahead and the jedi gets al defensive about stating he can handle it. Things gets heated between them and I chime in stating that the tank is fighting a losing battle and he i can handles the heals. Things settle down for bit but after defeating Ironfist, the tank chimes that he challanges the jedi to a bet. If he can survive the rest of the way as tank without dying and bo healingby me ,he will apologize. If he dies, he gets to tank. It accepted and and the jedi survives thru end with out my direct healing but i was keeping the other ones alive.after it over, the writes that he won't apologize and that even though the jedi survived the flashpoint, he won't survive against him. A duel is started between them with the jedi winning and the tank spewing excuses and names like noob ECt. Needless to say at the final scene the commando had enough and told him to ****
But he wouldn't. Last he said was I hope to never have to run with you noob again, you sux. Except the healer,he did a good Job. Suffice to say he is on my ignore list.