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I think bioware broke pyro, 9 min ***** and giggles parse and sustained 3300 dps throughout. 2/8/36

Same gear as my AMR, new things that I got are a DF SA relic, 78 OH, 4 mods, 3 armorings, and an oriconian implant

Link trimmed to highest point within the 9 mins. 3336.08 DPS

EDIT: and then 5 mins later...... 3369.45 DPS
This spec is ridiculous now
I guess I'll spill the beans on this before all the mercs get too excited, the newly designed dual wielded Rail Shot is a bit broken, both the MH and OH hits will vent 8 heat barring any misses Falver may want to asterisk or hold off on posting to leaderboard as you wish as a hot fix is sure to come