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This wasn't a flashpoint or anything, but it was group content, so I figured it qualified. Apologies in advance for the wall of text, but hopefully you can get a few laughs out of it - and a few "what the hell happened there" headshakes, too.
Great tale !

In short - I once had a similar group on Nar Shadaa ... With one undergeared Jedi running into mobs he claimed to not have seen ... (Later, someone siuggested in the forums that he might have had the option "show enemy NPCs names" off ...)

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and the assassin tank single target dpsing from strongest to weakest.
In fact, trhere are 2 thought-schools regarding fighting :

- Strongest first, then weakest
- Weakest first, then strongest

Both schools are fully incompatible with one another, and if members of both meet here in these forums, there's usually a "clash of cultures" soon going on.
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