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Your friend datamined the Sanddemons cave of the Sithwarrior storyline and labeled it as krayt dragon cave.
No, I had already expected this outcome : A story line cave labelled as such, because a Kryt Dragon lies nearby ... Or some other reason.

There are *lots* of caves out there, and they *all* need to have a name that's easy to remember ...

By the way, on the wyy from Thorazan (spelling ?) to the World Boss, there is an half dead, starving Bantha, which is surrounded by 3 groups of flying critters - again, there's the number "3", combined with an oddly looking animal ... I wonder whether it can be fed ? What happens if one approaches this animal with the 3 buffs applied ? Because - I thought - that's what this animal would really need ... strength and hope to go on ... what was the third again ?

Edit :
Courage - to endure the heat, the critters and to go on,
Patience, to wait until food and/or water comes
Hope, that anything comes at all.
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