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Ich habe es mal mit dem Übersetzer versucht. Das Ganze ergibt aber auch keinen Sinn.

Old Repubilck plays 3000 years before Darth Vader and Luke

Do you want me char ? Ambassadors and knights , the same moves, including , power handle, power and thrust.
There are standard capabilities , we see no gag or throw Blize , but a Jedi can do that , how does shear , which one is faster to play in the old came to the well , why not MMOPRG , schubt and attacked are so very effective , rather than 100 new skills ? these are the weapons of a jedi , they do not want to kill , it was then they need it less is often more , ic only have 12 keys for quick effect, the life always rest a few seconds , you should think arüber times. we need players nunmal search , and adapt to , the lightsaber throw from level 5 is not only 30 because he uses nothing more , but maybe you should think about that , the standart anangriffe can also also customize whether you or 2 swords leads
the only harm is higher if you angreiftz with 2 swords
Little remains much
the survey and you will not lose
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