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Don't care for much of the angst in this thread. The expansion was cheap, and I got to experience and enjoy it as soon as it got released, with all of its features.

It's like asking for a refund on a blockbuster ticket/DVD because it now costs 5 bucks as opposite to 20, or because it now runs on free Television.

But yes, I'd like something more than a silly title. The expansion preorder rewards were great - I'm using the Hutt trainer for all of my alts, and it's an immense QoL bonus.
^^ This. The trainer alone was worth the $9.99 I paid. I have enjoyed the content and will pay the same for the next expansion. Hopefully it offer the same type of pre-order gifts Iike I recieved in the last. TBO I have wasted that amount on far worst things that didnt give me the hours of entertainment that the expansion did. IMO that is.