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I don't know what it is with my Merc, but I've been getting bad group with him. And I am not talented enough to pull the group on my own with him.

Did HM Kaon Siege last night:
Jump in and tank asks to respec. DPS Sin is in tank stance. After tank respecs, he says he is OK and immediately pulls the first mob with Rage's stance. I mention that he hasn't guarded anybody and should change stances. Not a good beginning. He does change stances and guards me and switches to the Sorc DPS a few pulls later after I mentioned that the Sorc was pulling aggro hard. DPS Sin also changes stance, but does not respec because he does not have the droid.

Tank continues to chain pull and I'm having trouble with keeping the Sorc and myself healed (who are still putting out more aggro than the tank) while maintaining my heat. I'm also find myself explaining all the different Raks in this FP, but nobody but the Sorc listens and we wipe a few times due to the Bloated (exploding) and Mercenary (stunning) Raks.

We close to the turret "boss" and the tank runs ahead and jumps on the turret with us far behind. We survive about half of the encounter and wipe. Second time we get through with the Sin taking the turret.

Things start to turn around somewhat and the Sin DCs. We go through the trash mobs and I ask the tank to wait at the Behemoth boss. He doesn't and ignores my instructions and the boss enrages and we all die.

We kick the Sin and get a Shieldtech Powertech as the DPS. Tank pulls even before the Powertech loads. Tank takes the boss to one barrel and try to keep the boss there. Powertech DCs after one attack. We get a little bit farther this time, because the boss glitches and throws the Jugg Tank across the area instead of just a little bit away and the Sorc and I switch tanking for the rest of the fight until the enrage again. (Behemoth's toss is an aggro loss move.)

I suggest we wait for the Powertech to connect. Nope: tank pulls anyways. We wipe after enrage, but the Jugg realizes this time that he has to take the boss to multiple barrels. Jugg then complains how hard this fight is. Sorc and I tell him its because he did not follow the mechanics the last 3 times and we only had 1 DPS the whole time. Jugg kicks the Powertech and pulls the boss again. This time, we are able to finish the boss off even though Sorc and I died and he enraged.

We ask the Tank to requeue us multiple times. He does not and we kick him finally. He faceplants on the way out, but the Sorc and I are able to kill the mob. We requeue for tank and DPS and use our Melee Tank/DPS companions to get through part of the next room.

We get a tank and DPS and guess who the Tank is: the Powertech that DCed. I say that I'm thankful that he joined. He replies that he is ticked that we kicked him. I stated that it was over 5 minutes, he was a tank in a DPS spot, and that the tank kicked him. He is still ticked and pulls the next mob without me there. I rush there, but the Sorc dies. The new Marauder DPS keeps getting knocked back by the Screamers and pulls every single mob in the room. We survive with me tanking half the group and the tank and DPS getting the other. (So happy at this point to have 2 points in Custom Enviro Suit and Protective Field.) Guess whose fault that all was: mine.

Bonus boss: tank uses Hydraulic Overrides and runs to the boss and engages and turns the boss around. I mention quickly to kill the adds fast. The Marauder decides to stand in front of the boss so that the conal attack can hit him and I have to constantly heal him. When the adds come, all except one attacks me: the Sorc has that one and DPS them down one at a time like it supposed to be. I'm using Defensive Cooldowns just to stay alive. Marauder dies: Tank yells in chat that I should heal the Marauder and not let him die. Sorc kills adds. Second round of adds come and same thing happens: I have all the adds except 1. This time I run by the tank and shrug some off on him. We kill the boss.

Last boss was fairly uneventful compared to the rest: Tank and Marauder ignore kill order and attack commander first. Sorc DPS both of the two big Raks first and helps the other guys kill off the commander.

I gave the Sorc the speeder afterwards for putting up with all of that.
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