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I've been leveling my commando healer and having a blast dealing with the "exceptional" people I meet along the way.

A few things to note, some of the fresh tanks filling the ranks, are worse than a tanking companion. Ultra tunnel vision, guarding healers left and right and can't interrupt for the life of them.

Story 1: Battle for Ilum round 3.

So I've well and truly out leveled my class and planet stories on my Commando. I really wanted to make level 50 so I started running flashpoints to get some exp. My second time through battle for ilum I had a pretty bad tank with horrible threat generation and tunnel vision. I queued up again and got the same tank and flashpoint.

Upon zoning in the tank d/ced. I'm guessing he/she bailed. After a few minutes of waiting I suggested we kick the tank, queue up and start up with my Treek as tank. Despite having less than optimal gear, my Treek tanked the flashpoint with fewer problems than many of the tanks I've had to heal while leveling up.

Hardmode False Emperor.

So I pooled my resources and upgraded my gear to a standard that is ready for heroic 50 flashpoints. I get a group with a 55 Commando dps, a 50 Scoundrel, a 55 Guardian and myself at 50. The scoundrel has 13.7k hp and almost dies every time something looks at him, the commando dps pulls mobs left and right and the tank has trouble tanking some of the pulls.

I was lucky to have a group that provided a few special moments. The first moment was on the twin droids. Both dps and the tank ran far away from the blue circle and take several stacks of the damage increasing debuff.

Then on Malgus, they let Malgus cast his "I win" ability. I pointed out that everyone has an interrupt and they failed to do so. The tank replies that his interrupt was on cooldown.

I can only wonder what he was interrupting prior.