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Honestly why not have two drops for implants and relics? Everyone needs two. I cannot think of a single good reason to not adjust the loot tables so that an extra implant and an extra relic drop. 10 bosses and 14 slots. Why not have the last 2 bosses in each place drop an extra item?
If memory serves, Kephess in EC dropped two helms. Should go back to that, or keep the current boss at 50/50 and guarantee the implant on the last boss for at least 1 a week, shot at 2.

There are a few solutions to this I think, but you won't convince me that the current way it's set up isn't a problem. I don't care enough to make a big huff, however, if Bioware holds true to what they said about new content patches every 9 (8?) weeks. I'll just be excited Nightmare is out.
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