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I disagree with Fridge and here is why.

Regardless of whether you guarantee the loot or not, because you need two implants you are still talking about 16 weeks of farming a boss. I've been a Ops Leader since the launch of this game and their continuation of messing with progression times is very frustrating. We all know this of course, and ultimately after the bosses have been cleared attrition in our Ops groups begins to occur as people lose interest in killing the same bosses over and over again. If you leave the Implants and Ear pieces at the early part of the instance at least we don't have to play for hours on end to try and get it. However, I do agree with Fridge that something has to change and ASAP!

Back in the early days of this game I actually think Bioware had a better handle on Earpieces/Implants/Relics. In the Pre 2.0 days all three of these pieces were found in their raid forms, Rakata at the time. Of course at that time there were only 9 bosses so the loot was easy to distribute and it essentially required players to grind dailies in order to purchase all the necessary raid pieces. While the idea of doing non-ops content tends to turn some people of, especially when being rewarded for with ops level gear, I can see how this may be a necessary evil in this game. We already have to grind gear for a certain period of time in order to achieve Best In Slot at least a plan can be made appropriately within the ops group and their is essentially a light at the end of the tunnel. This current plan doesn't work.

I would propose that the implants and ear pieces can be achieved in one of two ways.

Ultimate Comm's: Because quite frankly what else are these used for outside of a few mods or for gearing up alts.


HM Flashpoints: Bioware wants to increase the relevance of HM flashpoints for end game raiders, here is how you would do it.

Personally I think the Ultimate Comm's method would encourage the use of group finder and doing older legacy content for the purposes of earning gear necessary for the higher tiers.

Implants could cost 250 or 300 Ultimate comms easily and I would still work towards them daily. This keeps me active and prevents attrition outside of the Unnecessary gear farming they have in the current end game environment.
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