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very disappointing that they are 'human'. its the ancient 'sith' empire, after all, they should be sith species!
in fact there should be a lot more sith species in control of things, than humans at this point, being that this story supposedly takes place 3000 years before episode 1. im so sick of playing a sith species taking orders from lowly piddly humans within the story of this game. very disappointing. im mean why call it the sith empire if its the same thing as the movie empire? in the movies it is well established that the empire was formed in episode 3, yet the game uses all the same symbols! if it is the sith empire, then have it be true sith species everywhere, not just as force weilders, but as troops and officers as well! you guys made the species up, so go with it!
....Read the lore for EU then come back and read your comment. Then proceed to put your foot in your mouth.