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Another pic compliments of my buddy. No reason to troll this thread kid.
How does your lack of evidence makes me a troll? And don't call me "kid". Neither am i a kid, nor do i act like one, unlike certain other people. You can speak with your friends on the schoolyard in such a tone, but not with me. If you wish to maintain your bad manners, find someone else who's interested in such moronic behavior.

All you have is a picture of a map that is used in a quest where no Krayt Dragon can be found and a file designation, that refers to an imperial-specific cave.

Again, i don't see that the "krayt cave" is something different than the known Sand Demon's cave of the Sith Warriors questline. And since it refers specifically to an "imperial" cave, it can be assumed that it can only be accessed by (certain) imperials, a sith warrior in its storyline for example (e.g. Demon's blood). My bet is on a leftover of the file's designation at best. Maybe a Krayt Dragon was planned at an earlier stage of development and got replaced.

Maybe there's another "Krayt Cave"-map, that looks like the map in the Jedi Knight's quest, where he faces the Sand Demon.