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I'm not going to. The same way you have your disclaimers for tanking distributions, I have mine for the combat dummy. Some classes are going to do more on the dummy and some won't. I've already expressly stated that the changes I make to the rules are made relative to whether or not something can be done in a raid. And sentinels/marauders certainly can use inspiration/bloodthirst in almost every boss fight in the game more than once.

Besides, when you restrict it to 300 seconds, trust me when I say the results will be further skewed. People are going to parse in a such a way that they can squeeze out whatever they can in 300 seconds rather than how they would in an ops. I already think the list of rules I have now are fairly stifling to maintain and there's no reason to do otherwise. Additionally, if you're trying to cross compare classes with dummy parses, you're going to get no where.

I honestly don't understand your logic. If you don't want people to use their cooldowns intelligently, why don't I just outlaw the use of cooldowns in parses? To me that's the train of thought you're proposing.
I still disagree with you, but I respect that it's your thread and your rules.

Regarding further skewed results, I think we have an existence proof that this is not the case. The Ebon Hawk leaderboards have been running under a strict 300 second duration for quite a while now, and the results are universally pristine. I don't really see anyone doing cheesy things to squeeze extra damage into the 300 second window, beyond the things that they could otherwise do squeezing damage into an (e.g.) 320 second window. The 300 second rule was actually not in place when we first started the thread. I added it later when I realized that several classes were getting significantly better results by cropping a bit late, and a bit of investigation indicated that it is cooldown alignment.

Even if you disregard "pure" cooldowns, there are still epicycles that often converge just after the 300 second mark. The point about Carnage marauders is a really significant one. Every single Carnage marauder that uses an optimal priority queue for Ravage, Berserk and Frenzy is going to end up with a significant up-tick in damage at the 306 second mark. This is why Carnage parses cropped just over 300 seconds are higher than when they are cropped at 300 seconds. You pointed out yourself how Orbital and Covered Escape have a pretty significant impact on your DPS. If you can squeeze in just one more at the end of a parse, you're significantly increasing the average value of that attack.

The practical justification for the 300 second duration is it simulates a hard enrage timer. The whole point of DPS is to squeeze as much damage within the enrage window as possible. If you show me two DPS, one who is better at squeezing damage into a 300 second window, and one who is better at squeezing damage into a fuzzy "more than 300 second" window, I'm going to take the first one every time. I think it's fair to bias the leaderboards according to the same logic.

In any case, I've said my peace, and as I mentioned, I do respect your decision.

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You are awesome KBN, great for the community and have a wealth of knowledge, but sometimes I think you overthink things lol
LOL Touché.
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