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There is literally not one reason for Nefra to have a chance to drop an implant. Every person in the operations group needs two and, assuming no roster changes and average luck, it will take 32 weeks for every person in this example group to get two implants.

It was this way during the PTS and I was hopeful that it would have been fixed by live, but these loot tables are completely unacceptable and the implant situation is the worst of it. Nobody in DNT enjoyed the aspects of the dread guard tier where Kephess and TFB had a chance to drop an item they wanted.

I recognize there are 12 gear drops and only 10 bosses in this tier. The obvious solution instead of giving the entry bosses 50% chance drops is to give the final bosses two tier drops. This removes RNG from the equation and is honestly much more fair than the current situation.

Is it really Bioware's intent that an operations group do a single instance in hard mode for almost an entire year to get geared out? Do they think it's compelling at all to have players cross their fingers and hope they don't get a belt?

I suggest Bioware remove the implant and ear from Nefra and Bestia and put them on the loot table for the final bosses of their respective operations - Brontes and the Dread Masters.
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