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Wow. I must've caught all the anti-companion players today.

Seriously, though. SSSP -> Class Balance -> Companion update. Companions are a fun part of the game and a part that is important to me. A companion patch would be way more fun than that update (was it 2.1?) where everything was CM related.
i agree that companions are a fun part of the game but I do disagree they should release a companion only patch. if they could make a patch that included some companion changes great but not waste an entire 6week content update solely on companions.

here is how I I would have it done.

wait until a new EXPANSION where your adding a lot of new content or a good amount of new content where you can add a new chapter of class story or 2 new chapters maybe even 3 if they feel like it. add 2 new companions for each class 1 male one female. introduce the full SGR and also allow you to kill of companions like they allowed in orginal beta for awhile. if you kill one off you either have a choose to replace like for like with a new one or you loose that companion and can never get a replacement making you think before you act.

then introduce some new conversations and quests that develop the story further say u talked with ur love interest about kids maybe spring a kid into the story for companion??? but do it so it doesn't take the the sole focus of a patch but is seen as a nice addition to patch for those that like it and want it and isn't essential for those that don't care
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