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Really sorta creepy vibe there

Perfect for this time of year

I agree with the other posters, gotta say it'd be cool if there was a voiced version of this or maybe like the HK-51 trailer with just the smuggler talking about what he saw

Would be cool
The kid had made it. They wouldn’t tell me where he’d gone to get “recruited”, or how long he’d been running with those messed up freaks before he came back. He’d hijacked a Dread Host ship and flown it back, just like they planned, but he’d also lost his blasted mind, which for some reason they hadn’t planned. He was sitting alone in their hangar with a big nasty blade and a smile on his face and not a single word for anyone, so they were hoping I might be able to get him to open up. Says right there in my profile how charming I am, and we’d been week-long friends a few months back, so what could go wrong?

I never got to ask them how things went from bad to nightmarish; he’d spread pieces of them all over the place by the time I got there. The guards were dead, too, but just the normal, murdered kind of dead. I guess they didn’t merit the special treatment, even though they must’ve shot the kid five times apiece. He was just standing there, full of holes, smiling that same shiny kid smile he had when they first brought him in. It didn’t look like he had more than five minutes left to breathe, but since it didn’t look like it would take him more than five milliseconds to cut me to shreds, I kept my weapon on him all the same.

It took him a while to even notice me. When he did, he asked if I was proud of him.

That would make a neat holorecording, nice and gritty.
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