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I spend a lot of time in this thread answering questions or concerns but I wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who has said nice things about PARSEC. Your posts may get the least feedback but they mean the most to me. You are the reason I spend free time on PARSEC. So thanks for the kind words!

The other parsers are great tools and I spent a lot of time using them. I obviously "borrowed" good features from all of them. However, I wrote and support PARSEC because I wanted a tool that is actively developed by someone who is enthusiastic about SWTOR.

PARSEC has hit a couple milestones recently. It now has around 600 active raid groups and it hit an all time high yesterday of 100 concurrent raid groups and 500 concurrent raiders. I am pretty sure that my hosting provider hates me for how much we are pushing the limits of their services

So anyway, thanks for the support and keep the ideas coming!
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