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New Planet done in 45 min and of course the Frame Rate is as bad as everything else added to the game since 2.0. The engine in this game is flat out broken. I unsubbed a while back because of all the bugs and bad performance and only came back for one month to see what 2.4 was all about, but right out of the gate more bugs. One Op can't be completed because of it. Heck, I cant even preview things (dye/armor) on the GTN now either.

Unsubbing again at the end of the month. Going back to Guild Wars 2 A game that gets all kinds of content and good performance with no sub. Yet, Bioware cant do that WITH sub.
If I cooked a lot of chips up for my area, would you like to come round? I could definitely use some of that salt on the chips.

In response to this thread, absolutely loving this update! Planet quest line was sweet, already did Dread Fortress (But suffering from the bug (Ops) Descend into dread fortress quest where it won't show as complete even though I've done DF.) but apart from all that, I am now gearing for the next ops!

Very good struff BW
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