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I'm currently in the process of making my way through the audiobook version of "Annihilation". However, from very early on in the book, I was sort of getting nervous because of some comments the book has made. Perhaps my fears will be eased once I've finished the book, but I highly doubt it.

Multiple times during its course, the book mentions that the Ascendent Spear is the last of the Imperial superweapon capital ships that were developed under the Sun Razer project of Darth Mekhis. Among other things, ships developed by the Sun Razer included the Gauntlet (hyperspace target elimination capital ship); destroyed by the Trooper in Act 2) and the Silencer (rapid-recharge "fleet killer" capital ship; under the command of the Inquisitor in Act 3). While the Gauntlet was obviously destroyed in the game, I am concerned regarding the Silencer. It obviously survived its maiden battle and since it was part of the Inquisitor storyline, I highly doubt it would be destroyed during the course of the game and the Inquisitor not be informed of it. Not to mention that the book goes as far as saying "only the Ascendent Spear could destroy a Republic fleet that easily", which the Silencer could do as well, in rapid succession.

So, my point I guess is, what's happened here? Was the Silencer destroyed off-screen? Was it forgotten about? Or was the fact that it still existed (it was originally unfinished and then made operational by the Inqusititor) kept a secret from most of the Imperial military?
2 other superweapons were developed:
the undying: a larger version of a harrower dreadnaught and has an unknown capability most likely a "fleet killer" weapon
the emperor's shadow: was mentioned in my SWTOR encyclopedia on pg. 169 when it said:
Malgus formed key alliances with like-minded members of the Imperial military who share his belief that change is needed. They quietly developed superweapon projects like "The Emperor's Shadow" stealth vessel, knowing such devices might one day be useful to seize control of their own government