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10.01.2013 , 04:07 PM | #48
I'm a bit annoyed that almost every armour has some kind of flaw or issue. For example the Valiant Jedi Boots knee guards are bugged while they are fine in Reinforced Phobium Boots (same model, different texture). The only difference is that I paid ****loads to get the pieces from GTN and then unlock it with CC. Second set that I bought piece by piece is the Thana Vesh one and it too has annoying issues. Not only does it make male body type 2 booty look ridiculously large but it has these issues too (1, 2). Sure some are small but in game like this where character look is extremely important in close up too flaws like these are annoying as hell. I could make incredibly long list of armour related issues. Some are really easy to fix but annoying but noooo... They will never fix those. Like Jedi Sage's Gloves (wrist are buggy on female body type 2), Traditional Nylite Boots (texture buggy), Gunslinger's Jacket (buggy collar near neck behind the character on female body type 2, it looks weird when character moves head) and of course Traditional Thermoweave Vestments buggy front cloth on female body type 2. Most female body type 2 hoods have gap between hood and back and most heavy jedi robes that have certain backplate have buggy mesh near left shoulder (from behind the character, female body type 2) Those issues have been there since the game launched. Rather long time to wait for fix. What makes it bad is that if one variant is buggy, all other variants are too.